Gutters, pipes and accessories

Sheet-metal accessories produced by the firm Alternativa Ltd. finds its application in all types of buildings, whether industrial, recreational facilities or private construction. The production and sales assortment are three drainage systems: a system of semi-circular gutters and gutter system is square, and the system, “Canadian gutter.” Regardless of the type of cover our products are fully applicable to every roof was that it was a tin, clay or some other type of cover.

Driven by the desire to provide better, meet the versatile needs and meet customers’ demands related to the field of roofing, we have tried to bring to an end product range in this area. As a result of this desire and efforts we have developed a complete system for drainage of rainfall from the roofs.
This system includes all the necessary elements for the quality of storm water. Depending on the type of facility and the desires of the customer, you can choose one of the following systems:
1. System semicircular gutter
2. System square gutter

We wish to emphasize that the preparation and coating of all supporting elements are made in our manufacturing facilities. All supporting haberdashery firm Alternativa Ltd. Sarajevo also has in its production – sales program, as well as sheet metal edgings, which are produced according to customer needs.