Screws for thermal insulation panels

Screws that are used for fixing of panels to the supporting structure are very important element of roofing and facade cladding. We have a wide assortment of screws, designed for metal or wood structure, 25 to 280 mm long. Panel screws are protected with Dacrotized 500H ceramic coating, meaning that they can withstand 500-hour salt spray test.
Painted screws from our assortment are galvanized with 20 µm thick layer of zinc, and 50 µm thick coat of paint, which is very important for screws exposed to atmospheric impacts.
We have magnetic extension to be set to electric ar battery drill for all out screws.
Besides screws, we offer associated fittings, like capping for roof panels and rivets.


 Double thread
 Drill point DC6 and DC12
 Ceramic coating
 EPDM washer
 Resistant to UV radiation
 Painted screws with 50 µm powder coat
 Wide assortment