Sine sheet – SINOVAL

Sine sheet SINOVAL is primarily used as a facade profile, usually for economic, sporting, commercial, industrial and administrative facilities.
Sandwich construction facade with the final coating of sinusoidal profile is extremely functional and aesthetically attractive solution, especially when tiling large facade surfaces.Mounting sinusoidal profile on brick facade over the substructure of galvanized steel “Z” spacers and insulation also solves the problem of thermal and aesthetic appearance.
Extremely good facade is possible to achieve with a combination of sinusoidal profiles and cluster trim, as well as using different colors facade profiles. Regardless of whether you are talking about tiling the entire façade or only one of its segments, sinusoidal profiled sheet has a remarkable aesthetic effect of fracture light to the horizontal, and the vertical installation.
It can also be used as a roof has a distinctive profile as payload and thus adaptability to different roof substructure. Recommended for mansard roofs where his aesthetic come to the fore.
Covering width sinusoidal profile is 1.000mm. Rib height is 40mm, the length, color and thickness of the sheet is determined by the customer.

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