Thermal insulation panels with polyurethane insulation filling take a significant place in the world of modern construction. They feature excellent thermal and sound insulation, high load carrying capacity, fast assembling and long lifetime. The panels consist from two rollformed plates and thermal insulation filling which can be mineral wool or polyurethane.

The polyurethane filling panels can be manufactured in PUR and PIR filling variants resistant to fire up to 60 minutes. That are manufactured in the thickness range from 30 to 200 mm.

The inflammable mineral wool filling panels of class A are intended for construction of facilities where high fire resistance standards are required. That are manufactured in thicknesses from 50 to 250 mm.

Besides standards, customers have choice of other plate thicknesses, as well as wide range of colors.

All panels are manufactured in dimensions ordered by customers 3-16 m long.

Manufacturing is performed on sophisticated equipment of renowned European manufacturers, as well as the best quality raw materials, which results in the top quality product.

Thermal insulation plates provide wide specter of possibilities in designing of architectural solutions for all kinds of facilities.