Roof thermal insulation panels Topterm KP AGRO

Roof panels for special purpose indoor areas. They are the most commonly used for agro-industry, animal and poultry farms.
The panels consist from external overlay from steel plasticized plate and internal layer of PRVF material. They are especially designed for cladding of facilities intended for agriculture and stock farming. Internal fiberglass overlay provides the panel with high resistance to the impact of chemicals and bacteria, as well with good abrasion resistance.
They are manufactured in thicknesses of 30, 40, 50, and 60 mm.


 Resistance to impact of chemicals and bacteria
 The best thermal insulation properties
 Production to required dimensions
 Wide choice of colors and material thicknesses
 Fast assembling and possibility of installation on roofs with gradient from 3° to 90°
 Written guarantee and product certificates
 Environmentally friendly chlorofluorocarbon-free product

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