Lab Info

Sheet thickness measurement
Measured fill densities
Salt chamber YSST-108
Investigation of anticorrosive properties of materials in salt chamber, NSS method. (salt spray neutral test)
Coating thickness control of sheet metal corrosion protection (Kemal Kapetanović Institute)
Control of mechanical properties of sheets (Kemal Kapetanović Institute)


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Alternativa Lab

Fully equipped laboratory for the control of our products and export support - InoλLab
In the modernly equipped own laboratory, factory control of panel production is performed according to the standard EN 14509: 2013. The measurements we are currently performing include testing the mechanical properties of thermal insulation panels, testing the density of material filling, and anti-corrosion properties of materials in the salt chamber, and testing the thermal conductivity (λ) of thermal insulation panels.

The alternative uses the services of accredited domestic and foreign laboratories for the purpose of continuous control and testing of product characteristics according to standards EN 13501-1 and EN 13501-2.

Mechanical tests on the device Stirolab ES.10

  • Pressure and tension tests
  • Tensile strength of thin sheet metal
  • Tensile strength of the panel and tensile modulus
  • Compressive strength of the panel and pressure module
  • Tensile strength and filling modulus
  • Shear test
  • Shear strength


Factory of thermal insulation panels / sandwich panels, profiled sheets, sheet accessories and communal equipment.
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