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Metal sheet accessories | Roof water drainage system | Watersage

With the desire to offer a complete solution in the field of roofing, we have completed the product range that includes all the necessary elements for quality drainage of rainwater. The gutters we produce could be divided into two basic groups: semicircular and square gutters. The customer has the opportunity to choose the type of gutter, components, material, color and thus get the desired appearance of the object.

We also offer supporting elements for roofing works, such as vapor-permeable-waterproof foil, polyurethane putty, profile fillers, etc.

All sheet metal accessories and flashings are made of the same material as the cover. Since each building has specific requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality, in addition to standard edging, we can work and special according to the sketch provided by the customer.
We produce snow guards for sheet metal covers, but also for classic clay covers.

The well-stocked stock of raw materials and our own production allow us short delivery times.