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Profiled Metal Sheets

The advantages of profiled sheets in relation to other roofing materials are:

  • The wide range of profiles and colors, allowing the customer to design the roof they like
  • Quick and easy installation, thanks to the table length according to customer request
  • Low weight of the roof, which saves on the substructure
  • High material strength and 100% water resistance
  • Long-term durability of the material in all climatic conditions
  • Flexibility of the cover that allows curved lines on the roof, roller elements, etc.
  • All profiled sheets are designed to fully absorb external sounds
  • Possibility of delivery of all profiled sheets with anti-condensation membrane underside
  • Short delivery time
  • Ability to order all necessary supporting elements in one place
  • All supporting elements in the color of the roof

Self fitting sheet – EXCLUSIVE

Self-fitting sheet metal roofing and cladding product is to offer companies Alternativa Ltd. that is their excellent reputations throughout Europe. Because of its excellent performance and universality in the application, but primarily because of its great looks, very quickly become a standard in our country. By its appearance, EXCLUSIVE most resembles the classic interlocked sheet and actually improved a lot of the same solution. This stylish and innovative profile allows installation of complete roof and facade without any visible screws, which is a very common request by the investors. Elegant reinforcement lengthwise profile gives it a striking appearance.

A special advantage EXLUSIVE of the self-fitting roof and facade sheets is the possibility of a large number of various roof and facade substructures. Installation can be done a single layer on a flat surface or battens, as two layers, combined with MASTER or STRONG trapezoidal profiled sheet, while the facades of the best combinations shown with ELEGANT trapezoidal profiled sheet.

Covering width one table EXCLUSIVE sheet is 475 mm, length, thickness and color sheet adapts to the needs of the customer.

Apart from galvanized steel sheet coated with paint that is normally used to produce this profile, we can use other materials such as aluminum painted sheet metal, sheet copper, titanium-zinc sheet, etc.

Self-fitting sheet EXCLUSIVE possesses outstanding technical characteristics were verified by IMK – Institute for Materials and Structures in Civil Engineering in Sarajevo. In addition to the documentation attesting to capacity, Alternativa Ltd. possesses the appropriate certificates of applied intermediate goods

Standard colors for profiled metal sheets