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Wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panels with hidden screw consist from two rollformed plates and polyurethane filling. They are most commonly used for cladding of commercial and industrial buildings.
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Topterm ZPrw sandwich panels with hidden screws consist from two rollformed plates and inflammable multilayer mineral woll class A1 filling.
They are used for facilities that have to satisfy high demands for fireproofness, which are most commonly building with high concentration of people like shopping malls, healthcare complexes of sports facilities.
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Wall sandwich panels with visible screws and polyurethane fillinf are manufactured in standard wodth of 100 cm, but at the cusomer's width request, they can be manufactured 60 and 115cm wide.
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Wall sandwich panels with visible screw and inflammable multilayer mineral wool class A are the most commonly used for manufacturing of interior partition walls, cladding of ceilings in industrial facilities, but also as facade panels whtn fireproofness of facilities are required.
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