Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo was founded in February 1997 and operates as a Limited Liability Company for production, trade and services.
Production of thermal insulation panels, rollformed plates and municipal equipment make the major part of its operation.

As a market leader in the industry of plate rollforming, Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo introduces high market standards in respect of raw materials and equipment used for production.

Constant investments in our equipment and permanent training of our staff made Alternativa d.o.o. Sarajevo the absolute leader in production of thermal insulation panels, rollformed plates and associated roof and facade elements in this part of Europe.

Protection system of the plates we offer guarantees long-year solidity of plates, attractive appearance and resistance of color to ultraviolet radiation. Long lifetime of our plates of minimum 50 years ensure immaculate functioning of your roof or facade.