Flat and shear sheets

Beside production as the primary business segment of our company, is sheet metal commerce. All sheet metal that we have in our commercial program, we use as raw materials in our production, and they are made by well-known world companies which possess certificates for quality.

Long lasting business relationship with these companies resulted in very good offer of all sheet metal kind that we have on the stock, so for sure we represent serious company in this area, and in every moment we are capable to offer great quality, acceptable prices, safety and material durability to our customers.

In our commercial program we have galvanized sheet metal 02Z and 03Z which could be packed in roll and table, as well as colored sheet metal which nowadays are very dominant and they present quality solution especially in the field of roofing where all positive sides of this kind of sheet metal are expressed. This kind of sheet metal is well protected so they have long durability and by selecting appropriate color in combination with the facade and object surrounding, good aesthetic effects could be achieved.

We are able to, on customer request, offer different types of copper sheet metal with different thickness and they could be packed in roll and table. We offer aluminum non colored and colored sheet metal, that could be used to make roof and facade sheet metal which will be mostly used in aggressive environment where the impact of chemicals and other negative effects from environment and atmosphere is presented.

Beside mentioned above, our offer consists other types of sheet metal such as inox, cinkotit, stell warm and cold rolled, and gutter sheet metals. All other types of sheet metal could be received on customer request with very short delivery time and acceptable price.
In order to extend the range of commercial goods, we have installed high capacity line for sheet metal shearing, which means in our company you can buy prefabricated rolls in two standard packages: rolls weighing 500-600 kg and rolls weighing 60m1 for easier manipulation. We emphasize that shearing is done in our facilities, on high level equipment, resulting in a roll of fixed width and superb shape.
In addition, we are able to offer longitudinal and transverse shearing services for other sheet metal on customer request.

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