Kasetni limovi

Profiled sheets

The advantages of profiled sheets in relation to other roofing materials are:

  • The wide range of profiles and colors, allowing the customer to design the roof they like
  • Quick and easy installation, thanks to the table length according to customer request
  • Low weight of the roof, which saves on the substructure
  • High material strength and 100% water resistance
  • Long-term durability of the material in all climatic conditions
  • Flexibility of the cover that allows curved lines on the roof, roller elements, etc.
  • All profiled sheets are designed to fully absorb external sounds
  • Possibility of delivery of all profiled sheets with anti-condensation membrane underside
  • Short delivery time
  • Ability to order all necessary supporting elements in one place
  • All supporting elements in the color of the roof



Cassette System

Cassette System is the product of steel, galvanized, painted, powder-coated sheet metal bent on all four sides. The cassette defines the basic four dimensions: width, height, depth, and width of the joint tape.

Recommended size of the cassette depends on raw materials, material thickness, fastening method for the grid, the strength of the winds, temperature expansion and similar. Dimensions tapes are determined based on each project individually, according to the scheme of minimum and maximum cassette, and depending on the thickness of the material.

Permitted sizes of cassette for different thicknesses are presented below: • Plate thickness 1.50 mm: 500 x 2500, 600 x 2200, 700 x 1900, 800 x 1600,900 x 1300, 1000 x 1000 mm • Plate thickness 1.20 mm (1.25 mm): 400 x 2300, 500 x 2000, 600 x 1700, 700 x 1400, 800 x 800 mm • Plate thickness 1.00 mm: 400 x 1200, 500 x 800, 600 x 600 mm.

The width of the joint between the cassettes is 15-60 mm. In our product range, we offer the facade and ceiling cassette system that is most commonly used for cladding facades, ceilings and overhead of any kind of facilities, gas stations, shopping and administrative centers. Setting cluster trim has to be planned in the early stages of construction of the facility, with the emphasis on open and grid facade.

Facade cassette system Cassette's facade system offers a variety of choices in creating a facade. Alternativa Ltd. Sarajevo in their product range offers a cluster covering the facade that provides a variety of solutions in terms of rhythm, color and size cassettes. Facade cassettes are produced in standard dimensions according to this specification, or at customer's request, and within the specified minimum and maximum dimensions. Switching apron provides a combination of different colored strips and tape it opens up great possibilities in the design of the facade. Cassette facade cladding is mounted on a steel or wooden substructure with placing insulation, PVC and PV foil. These facades are generally made as ventilated.

Ceiling cassette System Ceiling cassettes are produced from structural steel, galvanized, powder-coated sheets in standard dimensions according to specification. Substructure ceiling cassette lining is made of steel, galvanized profiles, rolled sections or rectangular steel tube and square section.

Standard colors for profiled metal sheets