Minister of Economy KS Adnan Delic and Mayor of Ilidza Nermin Muzur visiting our company


The Minister of Economy of KS Adnan Delic, together with the Mayor of Ilidza Nermin Muzur and the Chairman of the Municipal Council of Ilidza Tarik Stambolic, visited the production facilities of the company Alternativa.
The reason for the visit was to get informed with the production activities and development projects, and a tour of the devastated warehouse that was destroyed in a fire last week.


The visit was an excellent opportunity to discuss the current state of our economy. According to the leaders, the goal is to protect domestic producers and support export-oriented companies. In terms of exports and profitability of production, Alternativa is one of the 50 largest companies in BiH.

Great satisfaction was expressed with what we saw, it was stated that the plants are according to the latest world standards, and that our products are conquering Western markets and meet all quality standards.
Following their statements, full support was provided to all projects in which we are investing significant funds this year, and it was concluded that we can only make strides together, through the cooperation of the public and private sectors.