Metal Sheet Tile TRADICIONAL

Profiled metal sheets

The advantages of profiled sheets in relation to other roofing materials are:

  • The wide range of profiles and colors, allowing the customer to design the roof they like
  • Quick and easy installation, thanks to the table length according to customer request
  • Low weight of the roof, which saves on the substructure
  • High material strength and 100% water resistance
  • Long-term durability of the material in all climatic conditions
  • Flexibility of the cover that allows curved lines on the roof, roller elements, etc.
  • All profiled sheets are designed to fully absorb external sounds
  • Possibility of delivery of all profiled sheets with anti-condensation membrane underside
  • Short delivery time
  • Ability to order all necessary supporting elements in one place
  • All supporting elements in the color of the roof

Metal Sheet Tile TRADICIONAL

Sheet metal in the form of tile TRADICIONAL is a roofing cover that has found its place in the market, primarily due to the high capacity of this profile.

With the height of 38 mm it makes it extremely strong and resistant profile. Coverage width of the board sheet is 1,000 mm, a width of 1082mm gross.

Length, color, and thickness of the board are determined by the customer according to their wishes. The length of each tile is a standard 350 mm,

Standard colors for profiled sheets